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SoundPeats Q30 Plus Wireless Earphones Review



Today we are going to review the all new SoundPEATS Q30 dual 4.1 Bluetooth headphones with microphone. Let us check out what do they offer and if they worth the price they retail for.

How do they fare in terms of Design and Ergonomics?SoundPeats Q30

They are Bluetooth in-ear earphones with an amplifier. Something that at first truly emerges is the cost – most remote earphones cost close £100, these have an extremely sensible RRP of $28.99!

The earbuds are metal and stick together with a magnet ensuring they don’t shake around or get harmed by the situation. You can likewise cut them together around your neck so you don’t lose them.

A supportive, albeit minimal startling sounding, a voice tells you when the battery is low or when associated with another gadget. Incredible thought as nothing more regrettable than attempting to recollect what a status light means, the voice is considerably simpler.

They have a worked in mouthpiece so you can utilize them as your telephone’s headset and answer calls with them.

They accompany a relatively inordinate number of assistants to ensure they fit in everybody’s ears:

  • 6 x Ear Blades (yes this is the thing that they are called)
  • 10 x Ear Tips

The manual states 75% of individuals require medium we did and everybody we tried in one did too yet decent to see they provide food for everybody. One decent element is they accompany a little cowhide convey case, useful for keeping them all together.

How easy are they to setup?

Setup was straightforward, they accompanied a charge so didn’t have to sit tight for them to charge before having a play.

The primary thing you have to do is connect them to a gadget.

Soundpeats Q30

To do this you press the centre play catch, or multifunctional catch as they call it. It swings blue to demonstrate it is in match mode. Presently on your telephone or whatever gadget, you need to combine choose Q30 from the rundown and you’re great to go.

They take almost 2 hours to charge however when tried kept going more than 7 hours tuning in to music – with the odd telephone call too. Not awful for such a little piece of a pack.

Usage and Technical Specifications

These work on Bluetooth 4.1 and state they have a 10-meter extend. We discovered they had quite recently under this for a decent flag around 7 meters, however, let’s be realistic – for what reason do you require a long range on earphones?

As these work on the Bluetooth profile A2DP and AVRCP they can interface with Amazon Alexa – making a convenient Alexa around your home!

To associate them with Amazon Alexa put the earphones in blending mode.

Open the Alexa application, go to Settings > Alexa > Bluetooth > Q30.

You would now be able to utilize the in-manufactured mouthpiece to control Alexa, ideal for while doing the hoovering and need to tune in to music.

As it completely interfaces you can likewise control anything associated with Alexa like lights.

How much do SoundPeats Q30 4.1 Cost?

The RRP is $28.99 making them exceptionally modest Bluetooth earphones, particularly thinking about the assemble and sound quality.

What’s it like living with them?

Amazing! The sound quality is great and adjusted. Because of the fit in the ear, you can hear almost no else, useful for driving and when you don’t need diversions.

They do get intermittent impedance on the off chance that you walk too far from the source, yet regularly with a telephone in taking it is anything but an issue.

What are our last musings?

These are incredible little earphones, particularly as you can interface them to Alexa and any Bluetooth gadget. The receiver is a convenient additional just like the attractive catch.

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A 18 Year Old College Student,also,who currently works as Editor-In-Chief and Webmaster,Co-Founder at Highly passionate about Gadgets and Tech since childhood, has experience in Video Production, Reviewing Gadgets and is passionate about writing on Tech.

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Top 5 Problems with the Honor View10!



If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, more specifically a budget flagship and have a budget around INR 30,000 (around $500) then there are a couple of options for you to look upon including Honor View10, Nokia 7 Plus, Asus Zenfone 5, etc.

And if Honor View10 is on your priority list then you are at right place. We are having the Honor View10 since January. I have been using it as my primary device since last 3 months and have tested the device thoroughly.

Back View of Honor View 10, Honor view10 back panel

Back View of Honor View 10

We know that no device is perfect, and View10 is no exception, it has some flaws too which might be a deal- breaker for you if you are willing to buy this device.

Honor View10 was Launched in India on 8th January, since then, it got only 2 OTA updates that included Bug fixes, Security patches, Added extra AI Recognition modes in the camera app and the most demanded and hyped feature of late 2017: Face Unlock.

Though the device performs really good, here are some things that might upset you with the Honor View10.

1. Matte Finish at the back

Honor View10 has a full metal body which looks solid and gives a premium feel to touch but the matte finish at the back makes it prone to smudges and fingerprints.While using device without any case, the device catches dust and smudges due to fingers at the back which after usage of 1-2 hours gives cheap feel to the device, as a result either you’ll end up using a case/skin or you’ll clean it with wet cloth every-time it gets smudged which irritates me quite a few times every day.

Matte Back panel of Honor View10

Matte Back of Honor View10

 Recommended: Cases for Honor View10

2. Slow Charging Bug

Yes, you heard it right!

Despite of having native support for Fast charging and a 18W (9V-2A) Quick Charger being supplied in the box, the device takes too long too charge when its on, our Indian retail unit took almost 3 Hours+ to charge it from 0 to 100 while it was on, on the other hand, device charges very quickly when powered off, taking only about 110 Minutes for a full charge! Also, do note that the fast charging works to some extent when the device is in ultra power saving mode.This is serious Bug confirmed by other users too which irritates a lot while charging the View10.

Honor view10 unboxing, honor view10 navy blue

Honor V10 with Box

Average Charging Rates observed by us during testing (using Ampere meter in charger outlet) are as follows

1.When Display is on: 400-500 mA
2.Display off, device is in sleep: 900mA to 1.1A
3.Device is turned off: 2A

Cost Cutting: To price it lower, Honor India ships View10 with comparatively slower 9V-2A charger (known as Huawei QuickCharge), while global units come with Huawei Supercharger that supplies 4.5A and 5V, which is even faster than Oneplus’s Dash Charging Tech.

The supercharger is unofficially available on eBay and AliExpress for around $25-$30.

3. Brightness Fluctuation Bug

There is a brightness bug present in all units of View10.We noticed that while using the device in direct sunlight, brightness automatically reduces to 60-70% (Irrespective of AUTO BRIGHTNESS Settings).

Even if you adjust brightness level to 100 %, the brightness level is still at 60% (it shows full brightness but is at a lower level).

The display on View10 was already not that great as its brightness maxes out at 506 nits and this bug makes screen legibility under sunlight even poorer.

As a result, we have a Poor experience while playing games or while capturing pics (outdoors), the brightness level is relatively lower than what it’s actually at 100 %.

Playing PUBG on Honor View10, Gaming on Honor View10

Playing PUBG on Honor View10


Also, while playing Games in direct Sunlight, we noticed that brightness fluctuates from low to high, and then high to low irregularly.
This really ruins the gaming experience.

We already tried tweaking Auto brightness option and Increase text legibility under sunlight option but nothing worked.


4. Stabilization in Videos

Videos that are recorded on View10 are simply unusable due to the fact that there is neither OIS nor EIS in the device.
Let’s forget that OIS for a while as its generally not given by brands at this price (except few like Asus Zenfone 3)

EIS which is absent on View10 can be seen even on Honor’s 2-year-old flagship: the Honor 8, It was my primary device in past and had Electronic Image Stabilization in both, Front as well as Rear Cameras.

As of now, most of videos from Honor View10 are jerky and unusable unless you have super stable hands, a tripod or a gimble.

Recording 4K Video on Honor View10, heating issues while recording video on honor view10

Recording 4K Video on Honor V10

According to our sources in Honor Developer Team, Honor is planning to provide EIS as soon as possible, but still, its a nightmare for a 30K device to have no stabilization atm.

Also, Huawei introduced new modes in camera like AIS : AI-based Stabilization that helps to stabilize long exposure shots and videos and a 4D focusing Mode to smartly analyze the direction of motion of object to keep it in focus while recording video with their new Huawei P20 series that comes with same Hisillicon Kirin 970 soc found on View10.

Hence, we expect Honor to provide these new AI features to View10 users in future via an OTA Update.

5.Unaesthetic Camera Bump

Last Year’s Honor 8 Pro was praised for its aesthetics, it was launched in competition to the Oneplus 5 which had a camera bump while the 8 Pro wasn’t having camera bump, and it had its Dual Rear Cameras flushed into the back surface. Given that the Honor View10 or V10 is the successor to the V9 (Honor 8 Pro), we didn’t expect this to come with a camera bump.

Camera Bump on honor view10

Honor View10 Camera Bump

Both the dual rear cameras protrude out from the body making them prone to damage and while lying on a flat surface, the device wobbles up a little bit.Also, in our usage, we found that due to this protruding nature of lenses, they catch dust and smudges pretty easily and you have to clean the camera lenses every time you want to take a picture. The camera lenses signify minion eyes on the back while the rest of back is plain and comes with a matte finish.

Front View of Honor View10, Display of honor view10, sunlight brightness on honor view10

Front View of Honor View10

Despite having all these problems, View10 is a solid device.
It will get EIS update soon, also, the slow charging bug is now addressed by Huawei and they are working on a fix. Brightness Bug needs to be rectified soon, I hope Honor India looks into the matter asap.

Retail Box of Honor View10, Honor VIew10 Unboxing

Retail Box of Honor View10

Talking about the specifications, you get Huawei’s in-house HiSilicon Kirin 970 soc clocked at 2.3Ghz, 5.99-inch FHD+ (1080×2160 pixels) IPS LCD Panel with a max brightness of 506 nits, 6GB DDR4X RAM coupled with high-speed 128GB UFS Memory. We have a 16MP RGB + 20MP Monochrome Sensor at the back with an aperture of f/1.8 (both lenses) and a 13MP selfie shooter is present at front. The device is packed with large 3750 mAh Battery that supports Fast Charging.

It has a hybrid sim slot.The device supports True Dual 4G VoLTE i.e. you can use two Jio 4G Sim cards at the same time with VoLTE option working flawlessly. In addition to this, the device gets an IR blaster on top to control IR based home appliances.

So, this was a quick review of Honor View10 focussing on its cons.

Please do comment if you have any queries and,

In case if you made your mind to Buy Honor View10 – Click Here!

Further, if you have any other related queries, the comment section present below is waiting for you.

Thanks for joining in,
Have a Great Day Ahead 🙂

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